The Bicycle Dress…

Here comes another Tela dress… And if this doesn’t get you excited about the GIVEAWAY coming up, I don’t know what will.

This dress is my personal favorite! With the peter pan collar and adorable bicycle print, you can wear this fantastic frock anywhere you please…

Check it out!

(Fitted:Bicycle dress from Tela, my Grandfather’s handmade knit sweater from Ireland, vintage sunnies, thrifted belt from Goodwill Boutique, tights and flats from Target.)

These photos were taken at the Point Cabrillo lighthouse, just outside of Mendocino. It was a gorgeous day and the fog was lifting just as we were arriving. It was such an amazing sight to behold, and the perfect place to showcase this fabulous Tela frock.

Click here to buy one for yourself…

Or wait for the GIVEAWAY to snag an item of your choice from the shoppe.

Get ready, get set…We only have one more outfit to go before you can enter to win an amazing item from Tela Clothing.

Yippy! Hooray!



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