Fall is in the Air…

My month-long blogging hiatus has finally come to an end…I am back! I know that it’s   been long overdue, and believe me when I say…I have so much to tell you!!!

But first, I want to recognize that it’s officially fall here in Sac-Town! Even though some days I feel that summer will never end… You can’t deny the fact that the leaves are beginning to turn, and there is the crisp fall scent that fills the air, and the auburn glow that beckons you to breathe it all in. Fall truly is a magical time of year.

So, in honor of fall…I thought I’d show you how I’ve been styling myself as of late, and what I’ve been up to… Especially now that I am owner and operator of Tela Clothing Boutique. Yes, you heard right!!! The online boutique that I have been working closely with for the past few months has officially been handed over to me…And I am overjoyed at this amazing opportunity!

So without further ado, a fun fall-inspired outfit to get back in the swing of things…

(Fitted: Lace sweater and Chevron dress from Tela Clothing, House of Harlow geometric necklace from Heart Boutique, bracelets from Gigglosophy, tights from Target, and booties from Amazon)

My life has definitely been quite hectic lately, but I’m pretty happy with the way things are going, and I hope you are as excited as I am about this new endeavor.

The changing of the leaves are in motion right now, and I for one am ready for all the new adventures that lie ahead!

I hope you stay tuned and come along for the ride…




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2 Responses to Fall is in the Air…

  1. mona says:

    may i say you look fabbbuuuulous … i love you in red….congrats to you and ethan..and congrats on this new adventure…i was thinking of you today…im down from reno visisting my favorite fiber shop in sacramento…rumpulstiltskins in the historic distrist….id love to see you next time im down…maybe lunch at ” the fox and goose” hugs mona ( your favorite nurse) : )

  2. Anna says:

    love the dress! such a versatile piece! looks great with the chunky knit sweater! congrats on the new responsibility by the way! that’s exciting! :D

    - Anna


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